Wes Anderson makes a Christmas advert


I don’t like it when I catch myself admiring commercial’s, but this is… it’s Wes Anderson and Adrien Brody wearing a uniform on a train on the 25th of December… yes it’s a bit cheesy. A lot actually, but it’s a Christmas commercial so that’s how it’s supposed to be. By the way, it’s a H&M commercial, so clothes are important of course, but blend nicely with everything else and create a possible backstory for the characters, it’s a lot like in Anderson’s films – you notice everything is slightly weird, too colourful and out-of-place, but it’s beautiful and you’re easily used to it. It’s a short, under 4 minute video, but every scene is typically perfectly aligned, like a poster to put on the wall to make your room look cool all of a sudden.



You really pulled a nice one this year, H&M, we all  realize what you’re doing here while promoting crazy consumerism and all, but I like it simply because it looks nice. So, come together? More like shut up and take my money!


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